Monday, August 24, 2009

I Love my fans: Katrina Kaif

Mumbai: Barbie Doll "Katrina Kaif" got noticed a little bit more than she expected while greeting with fans at the "India Day parade" in New York. A young cute little fan actually knocked the actress down while trying to reach out to her.

When asked in this context Katrina said, "Yes, I was knocked off my feet and I was grounded. But as soon as I recovered the fact that it was just a 12-year-old cute boy almost half my size, it did kind of take me by surprise. But I didn’t overreact at all. I guess it was due to the force of his love for me,"

The actress added, "When you interact with your fans you can’t be fussy about people getting closer and not letting you to have any space. They do want to touch your hands, get clicked with you, and off course the autographs. I love to come together with them. And I did so to my heart’s content in Houston and Chicago. So what if some of them got over-excited? Shows how much they love me."


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