Sunday, June 14, 2009

Katrina Kaif's skin fear

The beautiful Katrina Kaif has decided to not don any make-up from now on. The actress has become skin conscious and will try to shun glorified facial paints in order to save her skin from serious damage.

Katrina Kaif’s ethereal beauty has a lot to do with her flawless skin and the lady has developed a fear that if she continues being exposed to the routine make-up and strong arch lights, soon she would lose her skin’s natural sheen. So she will use minimal make-up during the shoots from now onwards.

The lady, while talking to a tabloid, expressed this opinion, which is not irrelevant for the actresses who work round the clock in layers of make-up under the dazzling and hot arch lights. Katrina is of the opinion that it’s very unnatural to put heavy make-up as it dulls the radiance of your face and is harmful for the health of the skin in the long run.

Quite expectedly, Kats hates sitting for hours for make-up sessions during the shoots. And she would in future avoid such sittings unless absolutely necessary.

A few days back, Aishwarya Rai was in news because she sneakily applied make-up while her director Mani Ratnam wanted her to look plain while shooting Ravana .

Not to forget that there are many actresses who have gone Plain Jane in films. Priyanka Chopra shot sans make-up for a considerable part of her role in Fashion and she is again without greasepaints in Kaminey . Katrina herself is sporting minimal make-up in Prakash Jha ’s political drama Rajniti .


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