Monday, May 25, 2009

German sexbomb aims to dethrone Katrina Kaif

Katrina kaif simple German Sex bomb
Super-busty German model Claudia Ciesla has set her eyes on Hindi film industry and wants to be the next Katrina Kaif of Bollywood. Her advantage – she’s no qualms in shedding clothes

Claudia has already got her foot in the door to Bollywood with an Indo-English movie ‘Karma, Crime, Passion, Reincarnation’. She’s also played a German journalist in a film titled ‘10:10’ by Indian director Arin Paul. The movie was shot in Kolkata.

Now, Claudia is eyeing a career in Bollywood and has begun making inroads into the industry. And she’s not deterred by her linguistic shortcoming. She feels if Katrina Kaif can strike fame in Bollywood, she too can.

A Mumbai tabloid quoted Claudia as saying: “If Katrina can do it, I think anyone can. Look where she came from. She had no knowledge of the language and still she is at the top. I want to be that girl and better. I have all the potential to beat her.”

While Claudia may be a little too ambitious, but given the fact that she’s physically well endowed (the pic says it all), Bollywood producers would certainly try to highlight that aspect in films.

And Claudia seems to have made a perfect start. She is reported to have befriended Salman Khan , who’s known for recommending new girls (particularly the ones who catch his fancy) to Bollywood producers.

Though dethroning Katrina is a long shot, Claudia already seems to be on the way


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