Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Katrina's role in 'Rajniti' not similar to Sonia Gandhi

Katrina Kaif Just because Katrina Kaif wears a sari and plays a politician doesn’t mean her character in Rajniti is similar to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, alleges director Prakash Jha .

He’s the man who’s being credited for de-glamourising Asia’s sexiest woman by casting her as “behenji” exercising her political muscle in ‘Rajniti’. But little did Prakash Jha anticipate that Katrina’s new makeover would spark a plethora of rumours about her role’s similarity to that of Sonia Gandhi.

“There was nothing common between Katrina’s character and Mrs Gandhi,” Jha, who recently wrapped up the shooting of ‘Rajniti’ in Bhopal, is quoted by a news agency as saying.


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