Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Katrina's 3-minute miracle!

Both share an England origin connection and chatted about “home” and hair! Katrina, despite non-stop shooting schedules, looked her gorgeous self. But it was her lustrous tresses that caught Sam’s attention. Informing her that global consumer research showed that 77 per cent of women admit to having damaged hair, Sam warned that a combination of factors like sun exposure, chemical treatments and mechanical damage from combing and using a dryer contributed to that. “How do I know if my hair is damaged?” Kat asked the expert. One of the most noticeable signs of damaged hair is dullness, he said, and hair shine is impacted by hair alignment. “Misaligned hair scatters in different angles, giving the hair a duller, less intense shine, while smooth hair reflects light in a more unified manner, giving hair a more intense shine,” replied Sam.

“Well, dull hair is just not an option for me,” said the actress confidently. “My hair has to shine all the time... and miraculously, it does!” Sam smiled, “It’s a miracle – because you expose your hair to so much damage and yet it looks so healthy! It’s Pantene, isn’t it?”

Flashing a smile, Katrina confirmed, “Yes, it’s the Pantene 3 minute miracle... three months of damage just disappears in three minutes.”


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