Thursday, February 12, 2009

Katrina Kaif a t a Football Game

This stunning photo of the sexy Katrina Kaif shows her wearing a football top of her favorite team while at  asoccer game.  Katrina kaif is very into her sports including football and cricket, some of which she picked up at her stay in England.

Either way no one will denny that Katrina looks amazing in this beautiful photo of her at a football match!

I think that  the hot Katrina Kaif always looks her sexiest when she is out of costume and in her normal clothes.  This demure actress has often said how she preffers to be casual rather than dressed up all teh time, not that it makes much difference to her beauty!

I wish Katrina Kaif supported my soccer team so I could see her looking so fabulous at my team games!  For now however I will have to admire this beautiful katrina kaif picture as she stands there looking hot and sexy in this beautiful Katrina kaif Picture. 


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