Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Three men woo Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif had a good 2008, thanks to Akshay Kumar and now she'll have three guys vying for her attention in a brand new rom-com. The movie is being planned by her make-up artist Subhash Singh and will be his first production venture. He has chosen a subject that puts Katrina at the centre of the plot. Three men will woo her on the lines of 'There's something about Mary'. 

Apparently the new producer, along with his partner, the failed actress Prerna Virendra, has finalized Ranbir Kapoor and John Abraham for the two male leads. But no one has been officially signed yet. Katrina has said 'yes' but is yet to sign on the dotted line. The make up artiste turned producer thinks that it is a project that does full justice to Katrina's image and will have her in her elements.

Keeping in mind the fact that Katrina's an wooden actress who got lucky, it's really difficult to believe that she will do justice to any role that requires her to emote and act. The buzz is that Kat seems willing to help her make-up man make a transition into film production. Well, the babe's desperate to show off her so called acting skills as well. Apparently Aziz Mirza is being considered to direct the film. We wonder what the fate of the film will be like in the end!


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