Saturday, January 24, 2009

Exposed Katrina Kaif Stunning Red Jewelled Lingerie

This stunning picture of Katrina Kaif naked apart from her revealing lingerie show just how sexy this hot bollywood actress can be.

These Contravertial pictures of Katrina Kaif in Underwear show her in her bra and a tight thong.  This is the first ever picture of Katrina Kaif in a thong to be released, and one of the few Katrina Kaif underwear pictures!

In this picture the exposed Katrina Kaif wears a tight red braand dark panties, her stunning looks and perfect body are revealed to all views who look at this exposed Katrina Kaif picture!

I love Katrina Kaif's curvy figure, flat stomach and large breasts, and this picture reveals her body as she models nearly naked wearing only her underwear, bra and thong.


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