Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bend it like Katrina


For what seems to be the first time, Katrina Kaif was recently seen shying away from sporting a dance costume, which she found too short for her comfort. While shooting for the title track of Singh is Kinng, which is being choreographed for Remo Fernandez, she had dance steps that required her to bend forward several times. And this made Katrina too conscious.

Sensing that she was uncomfortable in that particular outfit, Remo tried to assure her that the steps would not look vulgar on-screen. Remo said, “Yes, Katrina was apprehensive while doing a particular sequence. I had to cajole her into it because it was a beautiful dance step.” Finally, Remo made one of his female assistants, who was dressed in the same outfit, do the exact steps. After seeing that, Katrina gave it a try and it turned out so well, that she repeated it several times. Remo added, “Once Katrina was comfortable, she pulled it off really well.”


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